Closed Our Reboud Trades

High Frequent Traders

Today we Closed Our Reboud Trades
Former Targets still active (but we will re-buy later on)
Sticking To The Original Plan.
Watching Some Close Eye On Converting back to Gbp_usd
Some rebound mathematical has to occur
we are seeing Some Support on the low end of given targets previous week
——————————————————————————–If low of 1188 Got Breached we will Buy Low 124x Range and Start
Selling(Short Protection Plan)
Meaning Short-sell above retracement 1230 Range!
Key Mathmatical Numbers: Buy (LONG) After Complition ARC!)
1203 Buy
1212 Buy
1226 Buy
1233 Buy
1242 Buy
Additional: 1181,1176,1163 Great Earning Winners!
Update ——–>Current Market Price<————–
Insights Given on march 3th
Key Sell(Short) Numbers: