PNL 26 Feb

PNL 26 Feb:

Total Trades 26-2-15
Total Trades 26-2-15


PNL 24 Feb: Nice Trading Day
Total Earnings 5186

Trading Is Not Magic Its: MATH

Killer Shots Today Again!
was looking for 1218 And Got it @ 1219 /20
Exit waited as said Little more Profit today
Could Buy Low 1209 But If Drops You Have To Use Sl
— of About 6 Euro A Share

Also Platinum was Lot Higher For Sell Looking For 1181 And Got it
Some Euro Higher Same For here Can Short Sell 1181 But Risk Is Higher for Upmove ill wait and look 4 new NUMBERS!
Short That Rise @ Stage 2
Conclusion Sell Late 2 Rise
Targets 1218 Xau _USD Sell Short!
Targets 1203 Xau_USD Buy Long!
Platina @ 1181 Sell Short!
Platina @ 1168 Buy Long!